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Businesst Automation

AT Aventure Technologies We help enterprises streamline, standardize and manage business processes by automating critical business operations.

Services include

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Technical Proposal
  • Documentation
  • Prototype Development
  • Re-engineering
  • Integration
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Functional Areas
  • Complex Back-end Solutions
  • Business Automation, BPM
  • Document Management
  • Order Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP
  • Client Relationships Management CRM
  • Content Management Systems CMS
  • Authentication, Authorization & Accounting AAA
  • Performance Optimization
  • Billing, Accounting, Mediation
  • Mobile client-server applications
  • Location Aware Services, Web & Mobile
  • Affiliate Management
  • Facebook applications

Technology Competences

Domain Areas: Web Development – eCommerce solutions, Online payment systems; Enterprise Data & Document Management – CRM/ERP, custom solutions; Mobile – Enterprise Mobility, custom mobile applications

Technologies: Java, Oracle, Microsoft, C, etc.

On-site Project Management

For improved efficiency our project manager can work at your place to communicate with your product development team in gathering.